02 October 2011

Healthy Living

Healthy Living
Living healthy is a very desirable man alive, healthy hhidup not need much spending money, only with a simple exercise then our lives will be healthier.healthy living can be done by foot only. Why just walk away? tampa foot pads so nervous that there will zip reflected automatically. banya nerves in our feet associated with organs vital organs of our body.
Role of NervesSensation of pain is the response of the brain as a result of a combination of electrical and chemical activity that occurs in a part of our body. There are other factors that also affect the intensity of the pain is psychological and kulturan. Thus the results penellitian scientists from Mayo Clinic. Actually what happens between your legs when teratuk stone and when you yell "ouch"? how the message of pain is radiating from the foot to reach the nerves and your brain reacts?The pain occurs from the relationship between the three components of the nervous system, namely:1. Peripheral nerves or peripheral nerves. This nerve is an extension of the spinal cord (spinal cord) to the skin, muscles, bones, joints and internal organs. Some of the peripheral nerve fibers (peripheral nerve fibers) resulted in receptors (receptors) that respond to touch, pressure, vibration, cold and heat. Other types of nerve fibers is that nociceptor receptors that detect tissue damage. Nociceptor concentrated on injury-prone parts such as fingers and toes. When it detects nociceptor pain caused by your feet teratuk table, then the nociceptor sends pain messages in the form of electrical impulses along nerves to the spinal cord and peripheral to the brain. Thus began a pain sensation you feel almost immediately.2. Spinal Cord. Nerve fibers send messages such as throbbing pain caused by leg teratuk something - entered the spinal cord in a section called the dorsal horn. Then there occurs the release of the neurotransmitter chemical elements that activate other nerves in the spinal cord. These nerves process the message / information and then sends it to the brain.3. Brain. The journey message of pain - from the spinal cord arrived in the thalamus. This section is located deep inside your brain, sort and sorting function. Thalamus forward messages simultaneously to the three special parts of the brain that is part of the physical sensations that identify and localize the pain (somatosensory cortex), which handles the emotions caused by pain (limbic system), and the thought of to give meaning to pain (the frontal cortex). Your brain may respond to pain by sending messages to the spinal cord that modulate pain signals that come. (Source: Nirmala)
Healthy living does not need to spend lots of money

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