05 October 2011

Slider Ads Announced

Slider Ads Announced: We are happy to announce that starting September 1st 2011, BidVertiser will be supporting Slider Ads.
Slider Ads are ads that are sliding up from the bottom of the screen and show on top of the page. This ad format is incredibly popular and it generates extremely high revenues. Slider Ads are showing up only once per 24 hours per user, are completely non-intrusive and have a small close button right above them.
The great news are that we have been testing Slider Ads with our top publishers for the past months and results are fantastic, generating a revenue growth of over 200%.
The revenue payment for the Slider Ads will be listed as part of your Conversion Revenue.
As always, quality of traffic makes a difference in this case as well and publishers with high quality traffic will enjoy extended Conversion Revenue payments.
Important Notice: Slider Ads will be automatically enabled for ALL Publishers, unless disabled, starting September 1st, 2011.
If you wish to disable Slider Ads, please follow these steps:
  1. Login to your account
  2. Click "Preferences"
  3. Under "Display Slider Ads" choose "No"
  4. Click "Update"
  5. Repeat this step for each ad spot that you run

Please remember though, that allowing Slider Ads will result in higher conversion revenue and we recommend having them enabled.

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