05 October 2011

Lettuce recall: 90 cartons of romaine? Oops, 2,500.

Lettuce recall: 90 cartons of romaine? Oops, 2,500.:

Lettuce recall for listeria initially mentioned only cartons destined for retail in a few states. True Leaf Farms now says lettuce recall involves nearly 2,500 cartons, mostly sold to restaurants, cafeterias, and other institutions in 19 states and Canada.

True Leaf Farms of Salinas initially announced a recall of 90 cartons of romaine lettuce shipped to an Oregon food service distributor, which shipped the produce to Washington and Idaho.

But the chief executive of Church Brothers, which sells and markets the farm's produce, clarified Saturday that the recall involved nearly 2,500 cartons. Only 90 cartons went to retail sales, said CEO Steve Church, and those were the ones mentioned in the initial announcement.

The rest of the cartons, Church said, went to institutions such as restaurants and cafeterias, which were notified about the recall.

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