09 October 2011

the giant catfish

the giant catfish .Not wanting to be bored waiting for his girlfriend fishing, Alexa Turness went along in the river threw the hook. Who would have thought, a auto loan moment of action isengnya it leads to dramatic events.

the giant catfish.Not an ordinary fish hook stuck in the eye, but the giant catfish that weighed remarkable: 97.5 kilograms. He home equity far exceeded his girlfriend, Kim Hamilton, who collected the fish until weighing 85.7 kilograms.

the giant catfish. Catfish he caught while on vacation in Spain. It took him half an hour struggling catfish dragged it to the mainland. How not, catfish auto loan was 1.5 times the size of his body. Also reached 2.55 meters in length.

The boyfriend and fishing guides who accompanied him to fear, worry catfish will be dragged into a river.the giant catfish

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